Bull Terrier


The Bull Terrier is a guard dog that originated in Great Britain.
Bull Terrier

Appearance & Grooming

The Bull Terrier is a medium-sized dog with an egg-shaped head and a muscular body. The breed has a dense, glossy, and short fur in white, brindle, black, tan, red, and brown. The Bull Terrier sheds seasonally and requires weekly brushing when shedding.

Behavior & Disposition

The Bull Terrier has a playful personality. Adult supervision is recommended when the Bull Terrier interacts with other dogs and small children.

Activity Level

The Bull Terrier has a high activity level, but it is still easy for the breed to become overweight. For optimal health, the Bull Terrier should be carefully monitored for calorie consumption. It is recommended to feed them high calcium food, such as broccoli.


The Bull Terrier is an independent dog and requires patience during training sessions. Positive reinforcement and training through toys is an effective approach.

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