The Dalmatian is a hunting dog, companion dog, and family dog. It is often used as a mascot for the fire stations. The breed originated in Croatia.

Appearance & Grooming

The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog with a slender body. The breed has a short dense coat in white, liver (reddish-brown), brown, and black. The Dalmatian sheds infrequently, but still benefits from regular brushing.

Behavior & Disposition

The Dalmatian is known for its friendly, loyal, outgoing, playful, and intelligent personality. Adult supervision is recommended when playing with children and other dogs.

Activity Level

The Dalmatian has a high activity level and it is easy for the breed to become overweight. For optimal health, the Dalmatian should be carefully monitored for calorie consumption and avoid foods containing cooked bones and high fat contents.


The Dalmatian is a sensitive dog. A combination of positive reinforcement and patience is recommended. Early socialization and obedience training are recommended.

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