Golden Retriever


A sociable and intelligent dog that originated in Great Britain, the Golden Retriever originally helped humans hunt birds.
Golden Retriever

Appearance & Grooming

The Golden Retriever a medium to larger sized dog. As its name suggests, the breed has shiny golden fur. They are muscular dogs with a wide head and slightly taller height. Golden Retrievers also have a dense double-layer coat that repels water. They shed seasonally and require weekly brushing when shedding.

Behavior & Disposition

Golden Retrievers are happy, intelligent, and affectionate dogs. They are normally friendly to other people, children, and other dogs.

Activity Level

Golden Retrievers have a high activity level and thrive in environments with large yards or daily long walks. This breed can easily become overweight and should be carefully monitored for calorie consumption and weight.


Training is easy due to the Golden Retriever’s hard-working nature. Socialization during puppyhood is recommended.

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