The Greyhound is a sighthound known for its exceptional running speed. The breed is native to Great Britain.

Appearance & Grooming

The Greyhound is a large dog with a slim waist and a muscular body. The breed has a short, soft coat in white, blue, red, brindle, fawn, and black. The Greyhound sheds occasionally and requires regular brushing.

Behavior & Disposition

The Greyhound is agile and affectionate. They tend to play well with other dogs. However, adult supervision is recommended when playing with children.

Activity Level

The Greyhound has a high activity level, but it is still easy for the breed to become overweight. It is recommended to feed Greyhounds dog food that is high in protein.


The Greyhound is an independent dog, but the breed can get bored easily. Fun, short training sessions are an effective way to train this breed.

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