Italian Greyhound


The Italian Greyhound originated in Italy. The breed is famous for its fast running speed.
Italian Greyhound

Appearance & Grooming

The Italian Greyhound is a small dog with slim and muscular body. They have a short, smooth, and glossy coat in brown, red, yellow, blue, gray, white, and black. The Italian Greyhound sheds seasonally and requires weekly brushing when shedding.

Behavior & Disposition

The Italian Greyhound is known for its affectionate, agile, playful, and athletic character. They tend to play well with older children and other dogs. However, adult supervision is recommended when playing with younger children.

Activity Level

The Italian Greyhound has a moderate activity level and can become overweight. They need to be monitored for calorie consumption and weight. Their ideal weight will show their hip bones slightly while their ribs are invisible.


The Italian Greyhound is easily trainable through positive reinforcement. Strict discipline may upset this sensitive breed.

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