Scottish Terrier


The Scottish Terrier is a hunting dog that originated in Great Britain. The breed is part of the Terrier family.
Scottish Terrier

Appearance & Grooming

The Scottish Terrier is a small dog with short and strong legs. The breed has a rough and dense double coat in black, brindle, silver, red, and wheaten. The Scottish Terrier sheds occasionally and requires brushing three times per week.

Behavior & Disposition

The Scottish Terrier is known for its independent, agile, playful, alert, confident, and active personality. They tend to play well with younger children. However, adult supervision is recommended when playing with puppies and other dogs.

Activity Level

The Scottish Terrier has a moderate activity level and it is easy for the breed to become overweight. It is recommended to feed them high protein food, but avoid feeding food with common allergens.


The Scottish Terrier can get bored easily when the training session is longer than fifteen minutes. Fun, short training sessions are an effective way to train this breed.

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