Spinone Italiano


The Spinone Italiano is a pointer dog that originated in Italy. The breed is one of the oldest breeds, and even appears in 15th-century paintings.
Spinone Italiano

Appearance & Grooming

The Spinone Italiano is a large dog with a muscular body. The breed has a dense coat in brown, white, orange, and roan. The Spinone Italiano sheds occasionally and requires weekly brushing.

Behavior & Disposition

The Spinone Italiano is sociable, patient, affectionate, and loyal. They tend to play well with other dogs. However, adult supervision is recommended when playing with children.

Activity Level

The Spinone Italiano has a high activity level, but it is still easy for the breed to become overweight. It is recommended to feed them high quality food as they age.


The Spinone Italiano is a very smart and sociable dog and can learn quickly. Positive reinforcement is an effective training method. However, compulsive training methods and punishments are not effective and may negatively affect relationships.

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